Summer Road Trips: The St. Louis Area

School may be the farthest thing from your kids’ minds for 90 glorious days of summer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn a thing or two – and have fun doing it – during these days of freedom.

This summer, help your kids learn about the Show-Me State by visiting these spots where kids and learning go hand-in-hand.

Best of all, you don’t have to tell them about the learning part.


Let’s take a look at some fun locales around the St. Louis area:

  • The Magic House Children’s Museum – Exhibits include the beanstalk tower, a replica grocery store and the wildly popular (and hair-raising) experience with electrical charges.
  • City Museum –Unbelievable is a great word to describe this unique museum. Slides, secret tunnels and passages are part of the experience.
  • Saint Louis Zoo –Home to more than 500 different species of animals. McDonnell Polar Bear Point, where Kali is the star, is a popular stop.
  • First State Capitol State Historic Site – Experience Missouri history in St. Charles, where the state’s first capitol was located. Stroll the brick-lined streets or take a bike ride on the Katy Trail.
  • Endangered Wolf Center – Founded by Marlon Perkins (of “Wild Kingdom”), this facility in Eureka strives to raise endangered species, such as Mexican gray wolves, to release them back into the wild. Reservations are required.
  • World Bird Sanctuary – Majestic bald eagles, colorful parrots and the speedy Peregrine Falcon are popular residents here. Located in Valley Park.
  • Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum – Celebrate one of America’s great literary minds and the city that helped inspire his most-popular works in Hannibal.
  • Fort Charrette Historic Village and Museum – Depicts a circa 1790s French and American Indian trading post that may be the oldest log home west of the Mississippi River. Tours by appointment; located in Washington.

These amazing destinations are a sampling of all the fun (and educational) experiences waiting for you in the St. Louis area. Learn more at and start planning your getaway today. VisitMO on Pinterest Missouri Travel Guide

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