Missouri Eats: Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box

A mutual love for a favorite childhood treat was the inspiration behind Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box, the shaved-ice truck from cosmetologists Ellen Purvis and Maureen Blount. They make their signature dessert by shaving ice light as air, and then they generously drizzle up to three flavors on top. Expect traditional fruit flavors like orange, grape and raspberry, as well as some more playful ones like bubblegum and Tiger’s Blood – a combination of coconut and strawberry – or the truck’s signature strawberry-lemonade.

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Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box | Kansas CitySweet Carolines Ice Box_DSC_5699_Anna Petrow
Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box | Kansas CitySweet Carolines Ice Box_DSC_5504_Anna Petrow
Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box | Kansas CitySweet Carolines Ice Box_DSC_5656_Anna Petrow
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But Sweet Caroline’s is more than just shaved ice: Be sure to try the soft and chewy ice cream sandwiches occasionally on offer, made with cookies, brownies or even Belgian waffles stuffed with ice cream and rolled in everything from chocolate chips to pistachios, pretzels or cornflakes.

Find the truck at upcoming events including The Strawberry Swing’s summer fair July 23 or The Vintage Whites Market Aug. 26 and 27, or parked around town at various parks and green spaces. Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box is also available to rent for private parties, weddings and festivals; Purvis and Blount have recently purchased and rehabbed a second truck to keep up with their busy summer schedule.

Written by Jenny Vergara. Photography by Anna Petrow. This article appears courtesy of Feast Magazine. Feast Magazine is dedicated to broadening the conversation about food and engaging a large, hungry audience of food lovers.

Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box, Kansas City, Missouri, sweetcarolinesicebox.com

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