The Donut Stop Takes High Honors

cinnamon globes award

Described as a “giant, bumpy ball of fried dough, crispy on the outside and dense, buttery, and cinnamon-y on the inside,” the Cinnamon Glob, from The Donut Stop in St. Louis, doesn’t resemble the typical donut. And why should it? If you’re trying to crack a list of top donuts, you need to stand out from the crowd.

The honoree criterion was simple: freshness, a cultish following, a balance between plain and extravagant, and, of course, deliciousness. The Donut Stop must know the winning recipe because their creation came in a number 19 on The Daily Meal’s list of America’s Top 25 donuts.

If you’ve heard of The Donut Stop before, it’s because they aren’t new to the world of ‘best of’ lists. In 2010, the shop was named a top 10 donut shop in America by Bon Appetit.

The Cinnamon Glob may be their craziest and most prestigious donut, but they serve many other delectable delights. You can take home a custard, jelly, tart, lemon, cheese, cherry cheese, and a variety of cake donuts.

If you’re up for the challenge, The Donut Stop has two locations in the St. Louis area: one in South County and another, more northwest, in St. Charles.

Written by Daniel Doelling of H&L Partners. 

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