Tips to Extend your Missouri Getaway

Use fuel-saving tips to extend your Missouri vacation.
Use fuel-saving tips to extend your Missouri vacation.

When it comes to a Missouri vacation, drivers have different needs. Some need to experience rolling hills and blacktops, while others prefer the convenience and accessibility of interstate highways.

Despite those differences, there’s one thing all drivers agree on: Saving money at the pump is awesome!  So, our friends at the Missouri Division of Energy crafted a quick list of tips to help you extend your Missouri getaway without busting the fuel budget.

Here are some easy changes you can make to start saving today:

  • Drive at a steady pace
  • Plan driving routes ahead to avoid congested areas
  • Avoid extended warm-ups
  • Don’t rev up the engine
  • Do not let the engine idle for more than one minute
  • Accelerate smoothly and moderately

When used together, these easy tips, along with others, benefit both your wallet and the environment, saving green in more ways than one.

For more easy cost-saving driving tips, connect with the Division of Energy online. To find a pre-made list of driving trips in Missouri, explore Trip Ideas on

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