Unicorns, Minotaurs, and the Real World: The Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City

Dina Thomas (left), as Amy, and Katie Gilchrist, as Katherine, in a scene from "Hungry."

In case you’re wondering, this post is not about a children’s theater. It does, however, describe a theater in Kansas City that is capable of having the same effect on adults as a fantasy-themed theater for children.

The Unicorn, located right on Main Street in Kansas City, offers a unique, refreshing and wholly original attraction for theater experts and novices alike. From start to finish, it offers a relaxing yet engaging experience. Parking is free and convenient, located right next to the theater, and the service is welcoming and friendly.

And what kind of theater does it offer? That’s the magical part.

At the Unicorn, you have the opportunity to see plays you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Kansas City. This season included “Red,” a play about abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko, and the play I went to see, “Hungry.”

“Hungry” is about a high school girl trying to assimilate to society’s expectation of weight and image, and on the way makes friends with a man-eating Minotaur. This was no Mr. Tumnus. However, for a play about man-eating monsters and the pressures of high school, there was a surprising amount of humor, and tenderness.

Even with a modest set and small stage, the quality of the acting and the script are enough to transport you into the story. For the price of a community theater ticket you can see professional-level acting, which is a feature most Kansas City theaters offer.

“Hungry” left me hungry for more and I cannot wait to go back.

Written by Sally Anton, supervisor of the Official Missouri Welcome Center in Eagleville

Photo by Cynthia Levin, courtesy of the Unicorn Theatre

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