Waterfalls & Cinnamon Rolls: The Perfect Spring Day in Parkville

Spring is officially here and it’s time to get outside and explore!

Although we didn’t have too harsh of a winter here in Platte County (around 5 inches of snow and just a few days in the single digits), spring is the best time of year; you get to ditch the coats and feel the sun on your face. What better way to experience the outdoors and see spring in bloom than to take a trip to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary?

Parkville Nature Sanctuary features a beautiful, flowing waterfall amidst its three miles of hiking trails. It’s hard to remember that downtown Kansas City is less than 10 minutes away when you’re surrounded by trees that stretch for 115 acres.

parkville waterfall 2

My husband and kids love to camp – pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors. Me? I’m more of the “let’s go hiking and then have the comforts of home with four walls for overnight sleeping” type.

I do enjoy hiking and the unexpected surprises of wildlife crossing my path or hiding just on the outskirts of the trail. At the Parkville Nature Sanctuary, I have seen deer, wild turkeys (who will fly for a short distance just to startle you!), and an abundance of birds (the bluebirds are my favorite with barn owls a close second). I also live by the unwritten rule – any stick is a snake until proven otherwise! Fortunately, the live “sticks” that I’ve seen were not close to my feet.

There are various trails and terrain to explore so anyone can put on their hiking boots to enjoy the area. Besides the waterfall, there is a wetland area that includes a pond, a boardwalk and an overlook area to keep the feet dry. For photographers, this is a great place to find multiple varieties of birds, great foliage and flowers.

cinnamon roll

After a fun hike, I always hit the Parkville Farmer’s Market on my way home. Along with the freshest produce, many vendors sell homemade baked goods (the cinnamon rolls are my Achilles’ heel) which usually find their way to my car. Whether or not they actually last all the way to my house is a different story!

Written by Jennifer Goering from the Platte County Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

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