Red Oak II, words can’t describe

I have heard a lot about Red Oak II since I started working for the Missouri Division of Tourism, but I never fully understood what it was. I knew it was a community that had been built on a few acres by artist Lowell Davis and that it had open, closed and re-opened throughout the years.

I recently returned from a brief trip on Route 66 in southwest Missouri, and one of our stops was at Red Oak II, which is just outside of Carthage. All I can say after leaving is that you truly have to experience it for yourself to completely enjoy it. Everywhere you turn there is a piece of art, some out in the open and some hidden in the natural landscape.

I can’t write about how truly unique Red Oak II is, so I thought I would share it with video and pictures. Again, this does not do justice to this facility, but it is a start.

Currently the facility is not open to the public, but it will be re-opening soon with a restaurant that has a train car feel to it. Please refer to their website for information on when they will be re-opening,

Red Oak II house
Old car at Red Oak II
Bird along creek bed
Gas station

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