Show Me Wine Country: Augusta

Augusta is a quaint town on Highway 94 just southwest of St. Louis, and as you approach the area you’ll start to notice something you may not be accustomed to seeing along the Missouri countryside, grape vines. Augusta is one of Missouri’s premier winemaking regions and the country’s first official designated wine region.

In 1980, Augusta was named an American Viticulture Area by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Seven California districts and one in Oregon had filed applications, but the honor went to the 15 square mile area surrounding Augusta. The area’s unique soil, climate and wines, as well as its long winemaking history were cited as the reason by the Bureau.

In the mid-1800s German immigrants found the Missouri River area just west of St. Louis to be well suited for growing grapes. The Missouri wine industry boomed until Prohibition was enacted. The industry has been recovering ever since, but now boasts more than 130 wineries across the state. Augusta is home to many award-winning wineries.

Plan an vino adventure to Missouri wine country to visit the storied area and these local wineries:

Right next door to Augusta you’ll find the towns of Defiance and Dutzow, home to more award-winning wineries:

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