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Why You Should Be Sipping Missouri Dessert Wines

What is dessert wine, exactly? It’s a fairly overarching category of decadently sweet, complex wines that are often enjoyed with or as dessert in small glasses, one indulgent, delicious sip at a time. Missouri wineries make several styles of dessert wines. In this post we’ll break them down: First things first, let’s clarify Port vs. “dessert wine” verbiage. Not all …

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6 Reasons to Visit MO Wine Country in the Winter

During the winter months, grape vines are resting, wines are aging and there’s a slower pace in general at the wineries. It’s a perfect time for learning more about Missouri varietals, touring cellars or just relaxing. If you think of the winter as the “off” season in Show Me wine country, here are six reasons to change your mind. Less …

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