What’s Visit Missouri Doing With Snapchat?

It’s a snap to find your perfect #MissouriAdventure and to make a social connection with the Missouri Division of Tourism (@VisitMO).

Following Visit Missouri on Snapchat gives you access to fun and interesting travel stories from across Missouri. You also find these adventures via @VisitMO’s Instagram Stories, so there are two ways to explore the Show-Me State in real time and to find exciting destinations for your next getaway.

In recent months, we’ve showcased popular Missouri activities such as the annual Christmas Traditions festival in St. Charles. On Snapchat, you saw highlights from the Santa parade, the city’s beautiful holiday decorations and maybe got a tad jealous while watching us enjoy treats like roasted chestnuts and giant cookies.

Other Snapchat adventures focused on ice-skating parks and activities around St. Louis and the opening day of trout season at Bennett Spring State Park.


Along with showing you events in real time, Visit Missouri’s Snapchat channel gives you information on upcoming events. We recently previewed the Mardi Gras pet parade and encouraged people to attend Soulard’s Mardi Gras happenings the following weekend.


Also featured were the first few days of the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, where we showed off festival highlights that go along with seeing great documentaries.


Our next Snapchat adventure is “Pi Day” (March 14). Several locales around the state (including St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield) will take over our Snapchat for the day to show you delicious ways to enjoy your day around the state.

Our goal is to tell as many Missouri stories as possible and create trip ideas you can then use to plan your next trip to Missouri.

So, follow us on Snapchat and Instagram @VisitMO to see what else we have in store, you never know where our next #MissouriAdventure might lead!

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